Ration Cards & Ration Card Forms


To obtain a ration card the following documents have to be produced before the Deputy Director of the concerned range:

•  Surrender certificate/Deletion certificate issued by the competent authority     of Food and Civil Supplies Department if the applicant has moved from     another place in the past one year;

•  Proof of residence. Documents showing the name and address of the     applicant as show in the application; and

•  Completed application form. Forms may be obtained from the concerned     range office located in the area of residence.


Frequently asked Questions

1.             Who is eligible to obtain a Ration Card?

Any family/person, a normal resident of Karnataka who resides within the State is eligible to obtain a ration card.

2.             How many types of cards are issued in the State?

At present, the following types of cards have been issued in the State:

a.             White Cards: Any family not eligible for the issue of BPL card and also not requiring rations from the PDS.

b.             Saffron/Photo Cards: Any family not eligible for issue of BPL Card but wanting the Rations from PDS.

c.             BPL Cards:

•               Yellow cards: Any family living in the rural areas having an annual Income at not more than Rs. 6,400 and family living in urban slums having an annual income of Rs. 11,850/-.

•               Anthyodaya Anna Cards: 15% of poorest of the poor are eligible to get these cards, which entitles them to get foodgrains at a highly subsidized price.


3.             What are the Documents that are to be submitted along with the Application?

Applicant should enclose the following documents along with his application for obtaining New Ration Card:

a.             Three Passport size photographs of the Applicant. (Not applicable for Bangalore City & Bialhongal Taluk of Belgaum District

b.             Any one of the following documents showing the name and address of the applicant as show in the application, as a proof of this residence.

•               Recent mail received by the applicant.

•               Voter Identity Card

•               Extract of the Electoral Roll.

•               Valid Driving Licence.

•               Latest LPG receipt on the name of the applicant.

•               Latest tax paid receipt, if living in own house.

•               Latest Telephone bill on the name of the applicant.

•               Identity card issued by the employer.

•               PAN card issued by the Income Tax Dept.

•               Valid Pass port.

•               Latest Rent paid receipt, if living in rented house along with a copy of any of the above documents of the owner of the house.

•               Any other document may prove the applicant’s residence.

c.             Surrender Certificate/Deletion Certificate issued by the competent authority of Food and Civil Supplies Department if the applicant has moved from another place in the past one year. If there is not such certificate, to ascertain whether the applicant had a card at the earlier place of residence, he shall furnish complete address of the previous place of residence and the month and year in which he shifted to the present address.

d.             Copy of the latest income certificate issued by the competent authority in the last one year, in case the applicant is seeking a BPL Cards.


4.             Will photocopies of the applications forms be accepted?

The application for the new ration cards should be submitted in the prescribed format . However, there is no need to submit in a printed format only. The application can also be submitted on a plain paper, hand written or type neatly, but should contain all the details as required in the prescribed format.

5.             a) Who should submit the application form? And where?

b) Can a proxy that is social workers submit the application form?

Application for any ration card should be submitted in the prescribed form in the office of the Deputy Director/Rationing Officer/Tahsildars as the case may be. Every application should be submitted by the applicant in person or by the spouse. Under no circumstances applications submitted by the persons claiming to the social workers or any other third person shall be accepted. Applications submitted in bundles or through social workers would be summarily rejected.

6.             What is the procedure for the addition/deletion of a family member?

An application has to be made by the Head of the family to the concerned Card Issuing Officer along with the documents to prove that the person to be included in the ration card normally resides with the card holder and that his/her name is not included in any of the ration card. For deletion of name mere request application will suffice.

7.             What does a surrender certificate? What is the fees that one has to pay for obtaining a surrender certificate?

When a cardholder shifts his residence from one city to another, he can surrender his ration card to the card issuing authority and obtain a Surrender Certificate, which will enable him to get a new card at his new place of residence. No fee is chargeable for the issue of this certificate.

8.             With in How many days can one obtain a surrender Certificate?

Surrender Certificates are issued on the same day of the application presented to the officer concerned.

9.             What is a Computer Card?

Issue of Ration card in Bangalore Informal Rationing Area and in Bilahongal Taluk of Belgaum District have been computerized. All the ration cards in these two places have been computerized. Only computerized cards are issued in these places.

10.           Where can one obtain a Computer Card in Bangalore City?

Computerized Ration Card can be obtained from the Designated Computer Ration Card issued Centres specially identified for the purpose till the end of December 2001. From January 2002, computerized ration cards will be issued from the respective Range Offices of the Bangalore City Informal Rationing Area.

11.           Where are the Range Offices situated in Bangalore City?

The adresses of the five Range offices in the Bangalore City informal Rationing areas are:

a.             Office of the Deputy Director,

West Range, Food & Civil Supplies Department

Sahakari Building, First Floor

Bashyam Circle, III Block Rajajinagar


Ph: 23353259

b.             Office of the Deputy Director,

Central Range, Food & Civil Supplies Department

'Mohan Mansions', 4th Floor

No. 48, Kasturba Road

Bangalore - 560 001

Ph: 22214431

c.             Office of the Deputy Director,

South Range, Food & Civil Supplies Department

#9, 5th main Road


Bangalore - 560 018

Ph: 26613531

d.             Office of the Deputy Director,

East Range, Food & Civil Supplies Department

Corporation Buildings

St. John Road, above Post Office

Bangalore - 560 042

Ph: 25360750

e.             Office of the Deputy Director,

North Range, Food & Civil Supplies Department

13th C Cross

Vinayaka Housing Co-operative Society Buildings


Bangalore - 560 003

Ph: 23345702


12.           Can one have his ration card assigned to a different a Fair Price Depot other than the one to which it is presently assigned?

Yes, provided the location of the Fair Price Shop and the residence of the ration cardholder are in the surroundings cards.

13.           What are the charges that one has to pay for obtaining A new ration card or a duplicate ration card?

For obtaining a new ration card the charges payable is Rs. 5/- in case of BPL cards and Rs. 10/- in case of APL or a White (Honorary) Card.

Fro the issue of duplicate ration cards fee payable is Rs. 5/- in case of BPL Card and Rs. 25/- in case of APL/White Card.

14.           What is the fee Structure for obtaining a Computerized Ration Card?

The application cost Rs. 1/- and Rs. 45/- will have to be paid for obtaining computerized Ration Card.

15.           Within how many days will a new ration card be given?

After processing all information furnished by the applicant, if the applicant is found eligible, the food Inspector shall issue the appropriate category of Ration Card to the applicant. Ordinarily this process should be completed in 30 days from the date of receipt of application in the office.

16.           What is procedure to obtain a duplicate card?

An allocation for the issue of duplicate ration card shall be submitted in the same office from where the original card was obtained along with the affidavit about the loss/destruction of the ration card and a Pass port size Photograph and with the details of the lost card, namely:

a.             Card number

b.             Ration shop

c.             Name of the Cardholder

d.             Address

e.             List of family members with age and relationship.

The duplicate card shall be issued only if all the details furnished tally with the information available with the assignment register and after ensuring that the entries of the original card are struck off from all records.

17.           Can one add his servants name in the families ration card?


For general information, contact:


Mr. Sadashivaiah

Commissioner of Food & Civil Supplies

Cunningham Road

Bangalore - 560 052

Ph: 22262187